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Journal of Neuroscience & Clinical Research(JNSCR),将所有领域的文章带到了与神经科学的基础上有关。JNSCR欢迎提交符合意义和科学卓越的一般标准的稿件。录取将在接受后大约15天发布。将手稿作为编辑部的电子邮件依附bob这个软件靠谱吗

稿件号码将在72小时内通过电子邮件发送给相应的作者。Submission of an Article:In order to reduce delays, authors should adhere to the level, length and format of theBob体育官方网期刊at every stage of processing right from manuscript submission to each revision stage. Submitted articles should have a 300 words summary/abstract, separate from the main text. The summary should provide a brief account of the work by clearly stating the purpose of the study and the methodology adopted, highlighting major findings briefly. The text may contain a few short subheadings of no more than 40 characters each.


In recent times, there has been a lot of debate on the implementation of开放访问for research publications. Realizing the potential of Open Access in terms of greater visibility within and beyond the scientific community, there has been a tremendous boost to Open Access movement through various开放访问出版商。考虑到OA Scitechnol为作者提供开放选项的重要性。Bob体育官方网

Open Option/Author pays model that operates alongside an established subscription model. Submission of an article remains free. If article accepted for publication, the author is given the choice to pay a fee to make their article open access.


Benefits of Open Access include greater visibility, accelerated citation, immediate access to the full text versions, higher impact and authors retain the copyright to their work. All open access articles are published under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license. It also allows immediate deposit of the final published version in other repositories without restriction on re-use.

Copy Rights:

Authors opted for subscription mode must sign copyright transfer agreement prior to publication of their article.


Article Processing Charges:



笔记:All the published articles are in double-columned pages.

Individual waiver requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and for authors from low-income countries.

Scitechnol贡献Bob体育官方网的格式:SciTechnol accepts various formats of literary works such as research articles, reviews, abstracts, addendums, announcements, article-commentaries, book reviews, rapid communications, letters to the editor, annual meeting abstracts, conference proceedings, calendars, case-reports, corrections, discussions, meeting-reports, news, obituaries, orations, product reviews, hypotheses and analyses.Article Preparation Guidelines:

  • Authors are expected to attach an electronic covering letter completely mentioning the type of manuscript (e.g, Research article, Review articles, Brief Reports, Case study etc.) Unless invited on a special case, authors cannot classify a particular manuscript as Editorials or Letters to the editor or concise communications.
  • 确认每个名为作者的人符合神经科学和临床研究标准杂志的统一要求。
  • Please make sure that the article submitted for review/publication is not under consideration elsewhere simultaneously.
  • Clearly mention financial support or benefits if any from commercial sources for the work reported in the manuscript, or any other financial interests that any of the authors may have, which could create a potential conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest with regard to the work.
  • 本文的明确标题以及作者/ s(专业/机构隶属关系,教育资格和联系信息)的完整细节必须在瓷砖页面中提供。
  • 通讯作者应包括稿件的第一页中的地址,电话号码,传真号码和电子邮件地址,并在发布文章后必须解决与他人的任何利益冲突。
  • Number all sheets in succession, including references, tables, and figure legends.
  • Title page is page 1. On the first page, type the running head (short title for top of each page), title (which cannot include any acronyms), names of the authors and their academic degrees, grants or other financial supporters of the study, address for correspondence and reprint requests, and corresponding author's telephone and fax numbers and e-mail address.

Guidelines for Research Articles:

  • 研究文章是基于使用明确定义的研究方法收集的实证/次要数据写的物品,其中结论/ s是从收集数据的分析中汲取的。
  • The information must be based on original research that adds to the body of knowledge in Neuroscience & Clinical Research.
  • 文章/秒应提供对该领域中添加新的和快速发展的区域的数据提供的关键描述或分析。
  • Include an abstract of maximum 300 words with 7 to 10 important keywords.
  • 摘要应分为目标,方法,结果和结论。
  • 研究文章必须遵守构成介绍的格式,然后简要审查相关文献,应用方法(收集数据),讨论和参考,表格和图例。


  • Review articles (or) Scholarly articles are written based mostly on secondary data that is falling in line with the theme of the journal. They are brief, yet critical discussions on a specific aspect of the subject concerned. Reviews generally start with the statement of the problem with a brief abstract of 300 words and few key words. Introduction generally brings the issue forward to the readers followed by analytical discussion with the help of necessary tables, graphs, pictures and illustrations wherever necessary. It summarizes the topic with a conclusion. All the statements or observations in the review articles must be based on necessary citations, providing complete reference at the end of the article.


  • 评论是由退伍军人和经验丰富的作家在特定发展,最近的创新或研究结果符合日志的主题。它们是非常简短的文章,标题和摘要提供了要讨论的主题的要点,几乎没有关键词。它直接指出问题,并在必要时提供了借助插图,图形和表的彻底分析。它总结了简要结论的主题,最后引用了结尾的参考。

Case Study:

  • Case studies are accepted with a view to add additional information related to the investigative research that advances in the field of Neuroscience & Clinical Research.
  • It should add value to the main content/article submitted, by providing key insights about the core area. Case reports must be brief and follow a clear format such as Cases and Methods Section (That describe the nature of the clinical issue and the methodology adopt to address it), discussion section that analyzes the case and a Conclusion section that sums up the entire case.


  • Editorials are concise commentaries on a currently published article/issue on Neuroscience. Editorial office may approach for any such works and authors must submit it within three weeks from the date of receiving invitation.

Clinical Images:

  • 临床图像只不过是神经科学的摄影描绘,并且它不应超过5个以上的数字,其中不超过300字。通常,这里不需要参考和引用。如有必要,只能允许三个引用。
  • Do not add separate figure legends to clinical images; the entire clinical image text is the figure legend. Images should be submitted with the manuscript in one of the following formats: .tiff (preferred) or .eps.

Letters to the Editor/Concise Communications:

  • 对编辑的信件应仅限于上一个文章的评论,这些文章发表了关于与其相关的问题和原因的具体提及。应该简明扼要,综合和简要报道病例或研究结果。它不遵循抽象,子标题或确认等格式。它更为答复或读者在特定文章上发布的读者,并应在文章出版物的6个月内到达编辑。

Acknowledgement:This section includes acknowledgment of people, grant details, funds, etc.

笔记:如果作者未根据上述说明提交他/她的工作,他们很高兴地保持清晰的标题,即标题,副标题和各个字幕。References:仅出版或接受的稿件应包含在参考列表中。不应该引用已提交但尚未接受的会议摘要,会议谈判或文件。应由相关作者的一封信支持所有个人通信.Scitechnol使用编号引文(引用序列)方法。Bob体育官方网列出引用并按其出现在文本中的顺序编号。在文本中,应由括号中的参考编号表示引文。单个括号内的多个引用应由逗号分隔。应该给出一个有三个或更多顺序引用的范围。示例:“......现在使生物学家能够同时监测单个实验中数千个基因的表达[1,5-7,28]。”在订购引用之前,请确保稿件的部分按相关日记为正确的顺序。图标题和表格应在纸张结束时。要求为每个参考要求提供至少一个在线链接,如以下(最好是Pubmed)。因为所有参考文献都将尽可能多地连接到他们引用的论文, proper formatting of the references is crucial. Please use the following style for the reference list:

  1. Laemmli UK(1970年)心脏病手术所需的心力衰竭和设备的原因。自然227:680-685。
  2. Brusic V,Rudy G,Honeyman G,Hammer J,Harrison L(1998)使用进化算法的结合肽的电泳研究确定心脏骤停。心力衰竭14:121-130。
  3. Doroshenko V,Airich L,Vitushkina M,Kolokolova A,Livhits V等人。(2007)对心肌病,传导,心脏手术和冠状动脉疾病的简单研究。有限元微生物置于275:312-318。


Electronic Journal Articles Entrez Programming Utilities图书

  1. Baggot JD (1999) Cardiomyopathy and drug disposition in heart valves of domestic animals: The basis of Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology. (1st edtn), W.B. Saunders company, Philadelphia, London, Toranto.
  2. Zhang Z (2006) Differential analysis of blood pressure for conduction disorder profiling data from clinical samples. Taylor & Francis CRC Press.

会议:Hofmann T(1999)群集抽象模型:从文本数据中无监督的主题层次结构。国际人工智能联席会议的诉讼程序。Tables:


笔记:If the submission is in PDF format, the author is requested to retain the same in .doc format in order to aid in completion of process successfully.

数字:摄影图像的首选文件格式是.doc,tiff和jpeg。如果您在不同层上使用单独组件创建图像,请向我们发送Photoshop文件。所有图像必须在或更高预期显示尺寸,具有以下图像分辨率:线条艺术800 DPI,组合(线艺术+半色调)600 DPI,半色调300 DPI。看看图像质量规格图表获取详细信息。图像文件必须裁剪接近to the actual image as possible for a better影响。使用阿拉伯数字来指定它们的部件的数字和大写字母(图1)。使用标题开始每个传奇,包括足够的描述,以便在不读取稿件文本的情况下可以理解该图。在文本中不应重复传说中的信息。图传说should be typed in numerical order on a separate sheet.Tables and Equations as Graphics:如果在Mathml中不能编码等式,则以离散文件(即,仅包含一个方程的数据)以TIFF或EPS格式提交。只有当表无法编码为XML / SGML时,它们只能将它们作为图形提交。如果使用此方法,则关键是所有方程和表格中的字体大小是至关重要的易读throughout all submissions.

Supplementary Information:离散的项目补充信息(for example, figures, tables) referred to an appropriate point in the main text of the paper.
摘要图/图包含为补充信息的一部分(可选).all必须将补充信息作为单个PDF文件提供,并且文件大小应在允许的限制范围内。图像应最大值为640 x 480像素(每英寸72像素为9 x 6.8英寸)。SciTechnol Policy Regarding the NIH Mandate:
SciTechnol will support authors by posting the published version of articles by NIH grant-holders to PubMed Central immediately after publication.证明和转载: