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Bob体育官方网SciTechnol p是一个国际知名的科学ublisher that publishes more than 100 scientific journals on diversified topics related to clinical, medical, environmental, pharmaceutical, business and neurosciences. SciTechnol invites associations, academic institutions and the research agencies that are engaged in organizing events like science conferences, workshops, symposia, exhibitions and summits to collaborate with us as media partners to spread the information related to your events to the nook and the corner of the world.

Reaching millions of masses in this knowledge society dominated by information technologies may be a mere clicking of the ‘Enter’ button. Yet, reaching the right audience at an appropriate time is important in this scholarly world, where the trust and the credibility of the platform matters.

Our journals are available both in open access and subscription modes and follow the best publication bench marks and attract a cross section of academic, research and scholarly audience. We are keen in sharing the information related to your scholarly and academic events through our journal websites to dwindle the impact. We report the information related to your events absolutely free. However, we don’t entertain industry or corporate publicity with commercial interests. The main benefit of these two ways of partnership is to establish a close bond and networking among members having common interest, which might bring a win-win quality relationship. We expect our media partners to display our journals at your events in return.

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Meetings International

Meetings International (Meetings Int.) is a global leader in producing high quality conferences, meetings, workshops and symposia in all major fields of science, technology and medicine. Since its inception, Meetings Int. has been associated with national and international associations, corporations and high level individuals, dedicated to host world class conferences and events.

20th Anniversary of the Degree in Tourism in Extremadura University (JTRH)


The conference organised to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the Degree in Tourism in Extremadura University (Spain) entitled“I Jornadas Universitarias de Turismo y Empresa”is happy to be associated with theJournal of Tourism Research & Hospitalityas its Official Journal to publish its Conference Proceedings.

3rd Annual Genome Editing & Engineering Conference (JGDGR)


3rd Annual Genome Editing & Engineering Conference taking place on 8th- 9th February 2017 in San Diego, USA once again aims at brings together the key industry leaders, experts and researchers to address the most recent case studies and research on functional genome screening and precision gene editing to reveal their potential applications.

3rd Annual NGS Data Analysis and Informatics Conference (JHMM)


After receiving overwhelming response from our last 2 annuals, MarketsandMarkets is pleased to announce the 3rd Annual NGS Data Analysis and Informatics Conference to be held on 8th -9th February 2018 in San Diego-CA, USA. FDA and other regulatory bodies have been working to develop a regulatory framework for NGS applications in various fields based on validated analytical standards that would ensure that NGS tests produce accurate and reliable results.



TheAnimal Microbiome Congress USA汇集领先的兽医研究人员,创新生物技术公司,饲料和品系制造商,动物饲养和生产商,制药公司,监管机构以及尖端解决方案提供商来了解bob游戏专注于操纵动物微生物组的最新研究,形成成功的产品开发策略,并促进合作和业务合作。

Techniques and products that manipulate the animal microbiome are set to be the next frontier in superior disease therapeutics, diagnostics, and nutrition in livestock, companion animals, and aquaculture. The conference will showcase unpublished data, new technologies, and translational case studies presented by leading academic and industry experts. Our ‘MEETING MOJO’ platform will allow you to schedule meetings across the two conference days to facilitate future collaborations and business partnering.

16th International Meeting of The Mediterranean Society of Otology and Audiology (MSOA) (JOR)


The Mediterranean Society of Otology and Audiology (MSOA) is a unique and prestigious organization established in 1987 that supports and promotes scientific activities and collaboration in otology and audiology within the region. In addition to all the distinguished professionals from the Mediterranean member countries we expect to have numerous leading clinicians and researchers from all over the world participating in the conference and contribute to the rich scientific program.



Thanks to the many excellent contributions from brilliant minds in neonatology, this conference has grown into a fantastic meeting where clinicians find their way to state-of-the-art information and can update their knowledge in various domains of neonatal care. Also for the upcoming 2018 edition, a wide spectrum of topics will be covered by highly esteemed international speakers. Participants will have the opportunity to enjoy both expert keynote lectures on main topics as well as more focused discussions on specific aspects of neonatal care during concurrent sessions.



第五届国际会议上Prehypertension, Hypertension and Cardio Metabolic Syndrome, which will take place in Venice, Italy from 22-25 February, 2018. Prehypertension is a part of the continuum from normotension to hypertension it is a part of a dynamic process of stiffening and aging of the arteries and of the heart with its consequences. Patients in the prehypertensive range will become finally hypertensive. Diseased arteries will not only participate in propagation of end organ damage but will enhance the progression of additional damage in the arteries and the heart. Understanding the risk of borderline conditions in the metabolic syndrome will enable us to understand the nature of end organ damage and will create a possibility of better prevention of this continuous process.

Viral Safety and Raw Materials: 23 - 25 April 2018 | RAI, Amsterdam (JVA)


2018年4月23日至25日举办的病毒安全和原料2018年4月在rai阿姆斯特丹举行 - 加入欧洲最大的生物切割活动 -BPI欧洲.

拥有900多家与会者,275 +公司及70多个会议展示了新的数据和技术, I不包括新的聚焦会话在连续处理,ATMPs病毒安全,NGS, Novel Clearance, Inactivation with Novel Detergentsand much more, this year is one not to be missed!


North America Microbiome Congress (JVA)


The 3rd Annual North America Microbiome Congress in San Diego, by Kisaco Research, has become a trusted learning and networking platform and a true business community for microbiologists, clinicians regulatory and industry executives who require an insight into the latest microbiome research, clinical trials and collaborative partnerships.



This CME program is a unique medical meeting, bringing together world-renowned clinical leaders in Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease. Recent trials have demonstrated a cardiovascular benefit from antihyperglycemic agents in people with diabetes. However, among experts, there is a gap in understanding the implications of these new developments and their role in managing these patients.

The meeting provides a platform to address the clinical science of the Heart in Diabetes by providing state-of-the-art information and highlighting its implications on practice while evaluating it from the cardiology, endocrine/diabetes, and kidney points of view. Topics include: Lipids, Glucose, ACS, CHF, Atherosclerosis, Vascular, the Kidney, Coagulation, Arrhythmia, and other related conditions. The meeting will promote discussion and interaction among the various specialists in how they develop their respective approaches to the management and prevention of Heart Disease in Diabetes.

If you are a Cardiologist, Endocrinologist, Nephrologist, Diabetologist, Lipidologist, Internist, or simply a clinician with an interest in the Heart in Diabetes - this meeting is for you! We personally invite you to join us in this exciting endeavor.

Please register today! Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We look forward to seeing you in July in Philadelphia.

For Heart in Diabetes (HiD) (ecdr)


HiD is a unique medical conference that brings together world-renowned leaders in diabetes and cardiovascular disease to evaluate clinical data and patient management strategies.

World Congress Insulin Resistance Diabetes & Cardiovascular Disease (ecdr)


WCIRDC is a multidisciplinary program that features distinguished global experts who discuss cutting edge clinical research and basic science on diabetes, obesity, lipids and CVD.






The AEPC Annual Meeting has a long tradition of bringing together not only Pediatric Cardiologists, but also specialists from all the disciplines dedicated to the care of patients with congenital heart disease, from fetal life to adulthood, with delegates coming both from Europe and from around the world, in ever increasing numbers. The Scientific Program is founded on the multidisciplinary approach to the field of Pediatric and Congenital Heart Disease, focusing on latest developments, innovations, and future trends.

8th InterAmerican Oncology Conference (JCEOG)



12th Edition of International Conference on Nanopharmaceutics and Advanced Drug Delivery (jbmt)


描述 :Euroscicon takes pleasure in inviting the scientific community across the globe to attend the 12th Edition of International Conference on Nanopharmaceutics and Advanced Drug Delivery during August 16-17, 2018 at Dublin, Ireland with a motto to Explore Breakthrough and Challenges in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharma Industry, Drug Delivery & Drug Discovery, Application of Nanotechnology in the field of medicine.

26th International Diabetes and Healthcare conference (ecdr)


Conferences welcomes you to grace with your presence in''第26届国际糖尿病和医疗保健会议''November 15th -16th at Bucharest, Romania.This Diabetic and Healthcare conference will bring Diabetologists, Researchers, Endocrinologists, Doctors, Researchers, Physicians, Nutritionist together globally. Diabetic 2018 is designed to provide divergent and prevailing education that will gather Diabetology professionals’ familiar of the issues affecting the advancements, applications and innovations in the field of Diabetes and Healthcare. Undoubtedly the participant at this Diabetic 2018 conference will be able to exchange with the best experts in the specialty and will return home with extensive knowledge.

Personalized and Precision Medicine International Conference - PEMED 2018 (JGDGR)


Personalized and Precision Medicine International Conference - PEMED 2018 Whether you are interested in diagnostics, bioinformatics, drug discovery, and therapies, with the aim of translating precision medicine into direct improvements in health care, PEMED 2018 is the place to be, to meet, discuss and eventually do business in this exciting new space.
Personalized therapies (cancer, immunology, infectious diseases, clinical case studies, etc.),
Biomarkers and diagnostics, liquid biopsy, imaging, biochip/microarray technologies, advancements in technologies
Cost-benefit issues, and ethics in precision medicine

8th Regional Conference on Molecular Medicine (RCMM) (JGDGR)



RCMM-NCCR 2018 will be taking place at UKM Medical Molecular Biology Institute (UMBI) Auditorium, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA. We have chosen September 19th– 20th, 2018for the upcoming RCMM-NCCR 2018.

Admission fees are as follows;









On-site registration

Additional RM100 from intial fees

Who should attend?
Post-docs / Young researchers
Researchers / Scientists

What’s new & what to expect from RCMM-NCCR 2018?
Research focus:Cancer / Non-communicable diseases / Omics / Public Health / Immunotherapy / Proteomics / Genomics / Healthcare / Personalised Medicine / Infectious Diseases
Awards:Best Oral Presenter Award / Best Poster Award / Best Scientific Art Award

Important Dates!
Abstract submission deadline (17thAugust)
[新的!]e-Poster submission (14thSeptember)
Scientific Art exhibition (19th– 20thSeptember)

For registration and in depth details of the event, please log-on

Should you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at +603-91459037 (Puan Sham) or e-mail us

Euro_gynecology 2018 Amsterdam Netherlands August 23-24, 2018 (JWHIC)


The EuroSciCon is a renowned organization that organizes highly momentous conferences throughout the globe. Currently, we are bringing forth Annual conference on "Gynaecology, Obstetrics & Reproductive Health" scheduled to be held during Aug 23-24, 2018 at Amsterdam, Netherlands. The conference highlights the theme "Technical Strategies in Pre-natal grief, Child Birth and Congenital Disorders". Euro Gynecology 2018 is the worldwide event consisting of the latest science, research and innovations in the field of Gynecology Obstetrics and reproductive health.

International Nuclear Power Plants Summit (INPPS) (JNPGT)


International Cosmetic Physicians Society (ICPS) (cdrj)


International cosmetic physicians society (ICPS),是世界上第一个最大的化妆品医学医生协会。bob网站

Themission of our society is to promote the advancement of knowledge, skill and treatments in cosmetic medicine.

Intoday’s challenging times its important that we stay informed and on the top of our game. ICPS provides you with information and connects you to essential people and programs that will help you achieve your future career objectives.

International cosmetic physicians society还可以通过将通过未来的会议和聚会联系在其不同的专业中,通过将有助于提升和赋予不同专业的机会,讨论和展示其新的创新和程序。

International cosmetic physicians societyhave greatly expanded the focus to serve not only members of the society, but more importantly you as a patient interested in cosmetic surgery abroad. Here you will find explanations of the most common cosmetic procedures to help you contact one or more of our members in 100+ countries around the world.

International Conference on Oncology & Radiology (JCEOG)


Global experts meet on国际肿瘤和放射学会会议2018年12月3日至04日在爱丁堡,苏格兰的主题编程为“肿瘤和放射学的进步,治疗癌症的不同观点”主题。Meetings Int.是在所有主要科学,技术和医学领域制作高质量会议会议,研讨会和专题讨论会的全球领导者。bob游戏bob网站2018年肿瘤学和放射学会议将为您提供关于原因,常见的症状以及罕见癌症的症状,重要点是关于这些癌症的补救措施。会议将在诊断目的中展示新的放射学技术,也可以治疗几种疾病。通过这两家公司的结合,可以找到一种适当的补救措施来治疗癌症患者。

7th World Congress on Controversies, Debates & Consensus in Bone, Muscle & Joint Diseases (BMJD) (RTO)


The 7th BMJD Congress will address the most burning questions in the field. Through debates of controversial issues and discussions on clinically relevant updates, the Congress will help provide practical management solutions to a number of challenging issues encountered in daily practice.

2nd International Conference on Medical Oncology and Haematology (JCEOG)


Conference Series llc LTD invites all the participants from all over the world to attend 2nd World Conference on " Medical Oncology & Haematology ” during March 27- 28, 2019 in Hongkong. The conference will be organized around the theme “An Enlightenment in the Arena of Medical Oncology”

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